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Wood Fence - General Info Wood Fence - General Info

Wood Fence - Overview

A wood fence can be an excellent choice as it is attractive, versatile and creative. In addition, a wood fence provides years of protection, privacy and value. A primary reason many property owners select a wood fence is due to aesthetic appeal and the ability to match the style of a house or building. Wood fencing is available in many different qualities, colors, sizes and types.

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Wood Fence - Material

The majority of fences are made from wood as wood fences are affordable, versatile and easy to build. Wood fences come in uniform sizes and are very easy for the average homeowner to install. A wood fence can be painted, stained, or aged to a natural color.

The key to an attractive, long-lasting wood fence is proper installation. The biggest problem of a wood fence is the early failure of wood posts. When a wood post is inserted into the ground it begins to deteriorate. Over time, the overall appearance of the wood fence is affected. To prevent this problem, it is recommended that steel posts are used as opposed to wood posts. If steel posts are not an option, it is important to use high quality posts made from softwoods including cedar or redwood. These woods are naturally rot resistant.

An attractive wood fence is uniform in design. The grade of lumber you choose will determine the number as well as the size of the defects in your wood fence. Lower cost grades will have more defects as opposed to higher cost grades. If you are building your wood fence, some retailers will allow you to sort through their lumber stacks and select only the best pieces. If a contractor is building your fence, the contractor should reject wood that does not comply with the grade you have selected. It is important that both you and the contractor agree on how your wood fence should look when completed. This will help you select the proper grade.

The upkeep of a wood fence depends on how you want your fence to look in the future. Your style and taste will help you determine the maintenance cost of the wood fence. A good grade of wood will naturally fade over time and provide a long lasting, no maintenance wood fence. The maintenance costs of painting your wood fence will depend on the painting cycle you choose. The more times you paint your wood fence, the more the maintenance costs will be.

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Wood Fence - Styles

You may choose from many different styles when building your wood fence. Many wood fence styles available include:

Solid Board



Lattice Top


Basket Weave

Vertical Board on Board

Post and Rail

Split Rail

Round Doweled Post & Rail


Guard Rail

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Wood Fence - Gates

The most important part of your wood fence is the gate. The gate is the only moving part and at risk for sagging, sticking or moving out of alignment. Wood fence gates must use quality hardware to ensure proper operation.

Gate posts are very important for wood fences. Wood fences tend to warp and any twist can cause the age to move out of alignment. A good choice for a gate post is steel. The size of the gate post must be able to handle the weight of the gate. The wider the gate is, the larger the post needs to be so that it will not bend under the stress caused from opening and closing the gate.

Gate frames for wood fences should use a gate sag prevention kit that includes a turnbuckle for adjustments as the gate wears. A sturdy framework will have rails attached to the steel gate frame and the boards attached to the gate rails.

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