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Ornamental Fence - General Info Ornamental Fence - General Info

Ornamental Fence - Material

The majority of ornamental fence is made from welded or assembled steel for strength to endure extreme conditions including weather, children, or vehicle damage. In addition to steel, both residential and commercial property owners are finding aluminum ornamental fence to offer low maintenance and provide superior corrosion resistance.

Ornamental Fence Material - Welded Steel

Black (non-galvanized) steel components are first welded together to form a section of the ornamental fence and the each section is primed and painted. The sections are then welded to the post at the construction site and touched up with primer and paint. It is possible that these welded systems can start to show rust within a year of installation depending on factors including climate. Welded steel ornamental fence require maintenance and must be wire brushed and repainted from time to time.

Ornamental Fence Material - Assembled Component Systems

Assembled component ornamental fence systems use galvanized steel components (minimum G-60 zinc coating) that are machine punched and receive a polyester power-coat finish. After the coating process is complete, the components are joined into sections and then attached to posts using brackets all while protecting the coating. These steps help to protect the ornamental fence from future rust problems.

Ornamental Fence Material - Aluminum Ornamental Systems

Aluminum ornamental fence systems use aluminum-alloy components that are powder-coated and then assembled into sections using screws or retaining rods. The sections are then attached to the posts using brackets or with holes punched in the posts. Aluminum ornamental fence is an excellent choice for corrosive environments including coastal areas.

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Ornamental Fence - Maintenance

Different ornamental fence materials require different amounts of maintenance.

Ornamental Fence - Welded, Painted Steel – Welded or painted steel requires the most maintenance and requires wire brushing and painting every year or two.

Ornamental Fence - Assembled Component Systems – Assemble component systems provide a tough powder-coated finish that adheres to the galvanized steel and minimizes potential rust problems while requiring little or no maintenance. These systems typically have a 10-15 year warranty covering the coating and the system from defects in material and workmanship.

Ornamental Fence - Aluminum Ornamental Systems – Aluminum ornamental systems typically have a limited lifetime coating warranty that is available on the majority of systems.

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Ornamental Fence - Customization

Ornamental fence allows you to customize the fence to your liking. Many choices for customization include rings situated between horizontal rails, finials or picket tops and many other adornments that will enhance the design of your ornamental fence.

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Ornamental Fence - Gates

Ornamental fence gates are the most important part of a fence as it is only moving part and allows easy access to and from the property. It is important to use special gate hardware to ensure proper operation, and meet security and safety concerns.

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Ornamental Fence - Picket, Post and Rail

The strength of an ornamental fence is determined by the size and weight of pickets, posts, and rails. Larger pickets, posts, and rails make an ornamental fence more stable and secure. Increasing the size and weight of these components also increases the cost of the ornamental fence.

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