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Fence FAQs

Fence FAQs - Fence Overview

We know that purchasing a fence can be difficult. Unlike every day necessities, most people buy a fence only a couple of times in their life. Most find it difficult when looking for useful information that will assist them in the fence buying process. We offer the fence advice section to educate you on the best way to buy a fence. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

Good fences make good neighbors. You may be looking to buy a fence for many different reasons. Maybe it is for protection or to enhance the beauty or privacy of your property. You may be looking to give your children a safe place to play. There are many different reasons to buy a fence and many different fences you can buy. The following points are different things to consider when buying a fence.

Keep your neighbors and zoning laws in mind. Select a fence that will satisfy both. Your neighbors may also be willing to split the cost of the fence with you.

It is important to consider the initial and life time cost of the fence. Think about how much upkeep and maintenance the fence will need over the years.

You will have the choice to select a fence from many different styles, designs, materials and quality grades.

These considerations will help you to select a high quality fence will help you avoid future maintenance costs while adding value to your home. For additional information about buying a fence and the different fence lines available, please view the different sections below.

Chain Link Fence - Chain link fence helps define boundaries and offers protection for your property.

Ornamental Fence - Ornamental fence delivers strength and protection while enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your property.

Vinyl Fence - Vinyl fence is virtually maintenance free and offers outstanding quality and value.

Wood Fence - Wood fence offers affordable privacy and protection for your property.

Security Fence - Security fence provides outstanding protection for your property.

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Fence FAQs - Purpose of Your Fence

What will the primary function of the fence be? A fence can help protect your children from many different hazards when playing outdoors. It is very important to give you children a safe place to play away from busy streets or bodies of water including pools, ponds and lakes. While a fence can allow your children to play in an enclosed area, there is still no substitution for an adult’s watchful eye.

In addition to protecting your children, a fence can also be useful for keeping pets in or other animals out of your property. There are many different non-fence products that can be used for pet containment including “shock collars”. These products only train the animal to stay within certain boundaries and do not keep other unwanted animals off of your property. The size and type of animal should be considered when choosing a fence for pet or animal containment.

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Fence FAQs - Fence Layout and Design

A high quality and properly designed fence can take on a unique look and stand out from its surroundings. The fence can match the style of your house, building, or landscape and add value to your property while offering privacy or protection.

A fence can be used as a backdrop to enhance landscaping and different types of plants. It is important that the fence’s material and color should complement your property’s landscape. Keep in mind that the look of the fence will change as the plants and flowers change with the seasons.

There are many different types of fence that can be used for security. Your city may have local building ordinances that can be a factor when selecting your fence style. The fence may be limited by height or design. It is important to know what these limits are to ensure your fence is within allowable specifications. Typically, a security fence will be six to eight feet tall.

The most popular fence choice for defining a boundary on large property is a rail fence. Rail fence, typically two to three feet high, can be complement the design and landscape of your property or blend in with the background.

Traffic Flow
As another form of boundary, fencing designed to control traffic clearly directs people to a specific area; usually an entrance. It keeps visitors from entering or exiting where they shouldn't. Plants and flowers can be incorporated into the design of this type of fence to help soften its appearance to harmonize with your landscape.

Privacy fence can help you find your own secluded private getaway in your backyard. No longer do you have to worry about the neighbors wondering eyes when you let the dog out in the morning and you are still in your pajamas. In addition to adding privacy to your property, privacy fence can also add value to your property by making it more aesthetically pleasing.

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Fence FAQs - Neighbors and Zoning

Good fences make good neighbors. Before selecting a fence, be sure to check with your neighbors so that the fence will not become an intrusion to them or their property. Your neighbors will most likely not mind your fence selection and may even offer to split the cost with you.

In addition to checking with your neighbors, it is also important to check with your local or city municipalities to ensure your fence selection meets zoning ordinances and requirements. You may be required to get a building permit for your fence. Plan your fence project by drawing the layout of your fence on paper. This fence plan and layout can be used when applying for a building permit.

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Fence FAQs - Do it Yourself or Hire a Contractor

When deciding to start your fence project, you must choose if you will do it your self or hire a contractor. Decide if you have the experience needed to design and build the fence. While the majority of fences have been designed to allow the average person to build the fence, not everyone has the time, tools or experience required. There are many contractors who will be willing to help you with your fence project. While the contractor will take on the hard labor work, it is important that you manage the general design and purpose of the fence. Always ask a contractor for references and photos of past work. Also ensure that the contractor’s company is insured or bonded in case of any personal injuries or damages to your property.

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Fence FAQs - Fence Warranties

While many manufactures may provide warranties for their fence products, it is the strength of the company that stands behind their warranty that is valuable. Spend some time asking questions to the company who will install your fence and to the company who will provide the fence material. Take note of what the warranty will actually cover for your fence. To prevent future problems, it is important to take the time to know all of the details of the warranty.

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