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Chain Link Fence Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is an excellent choice for a fence that will be aesthetically pleasing and versatile. The right fence will offer years of protection, privacy and value. Chain link fence comes in many different levels of quality, color, sizes and styles. Before making a final selection it is important to spend some time learning about the different chain link fence available. The time you spend learning about chain link fence will help you select a fence that will bring you the most value for your money and right fence for your needs.

A chain link fence is comprised of four different elements: fabric, framework, fittings and gates. Depending on how these elements are manufactured and combined affects the quality of the chain link fence. Each of these different elements are available in a wide range of weights or gauges and types of coatings. It is recommended the way these components are manufactured and assembled meet the American Society for Testing and Materials ( ASTM ). The typical coating for chain link fence is zinc, also known as galvanized. In addition to galvanized chain link fence, you will also find chain link components with vinyl or polyester coating. These coatings not only enhance the chain link fence aesthetic appeal but also protect the chain link fence against corrosion and rust.

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